13 maggio 2017
Globo bin for kids
13 maggio 2014

Fashion Design

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The magazine created contains various fashion project for famous italian brands.

There is a bags collection designed for the famous florentine brand Gianfranco Lotti. The new bags are inspired by the world of travel. Target are all career women, dynamic, energetic and with a strong personality, who need a practical bag, solid and, at the same time, elegant, to better face the more difficult days. There are four models to satisfy all needs: two shoulder, one hand and one clutch bag. All handbags are made of precious leather.

The pocket watches designed for Bisbag handbags are made using the scraps of leather handbags, these are accessories that embellish the purses and emphasize the brand.

The original hat is inspired by the figure of the mad hatter; the eccentricity, the extravagance and originality are the key words of the new hat. Manufactured by thermoforming techniques, the hat is made from felt pieces sewn together accurately and accuracy, getting a quality product, ready to be exhibited on the catwalk.