13 maggio 2017
Fashion Design System
13 maggio 2014

The project of an experience

[unitegallery Into_the_wine]

Design of a wine dispenser, useful to serve wine by glass in a restorative exercise and design of an area for the exhibition of wine bottles.

The wine dispenser takes advantage from a technology able to use the effects of inert gases (nitrogen or alimentary argon). It can store up the pleasure of a wine just uncorked untill four weeks after opening the bottle. The wine is exposed and valorized through the installation of two panels in translucent Corian, worked following a three-dimensional design wave. The bottles are inserted in holes and emphasized by a cold light LED coming from the back of the panels. The area dedicated to the exhibition of wine bottles has Corian panels merged with the epoxy resin flooring, that make a precise plan, ready to welcome the dispenser for wine. The upper wall is covered by dense white wooden strips and illuminated by suggestive lights IES. The design of the tablets screens of the dispenser is useful to select, to introduce and to dispense the wine chosen.